Sustainable and future oriented

A responsible employer and business partner

As one of the leading independent asset managers, Swiss & Global Asset Management is connected to numerous different stakeholders – an opportunity that the company uses to make an active contribution for the future.

Swiss & Global is responsible for its employees, clients, business partners and the market as a whole. The large network of which Swiss & Global is a part is perceived as an opportunity to make a contribution to the sustainability and future orientation of our own company and the sector. The focus is on four areas: our employees, an integrated workplace, sustainability of production and consumption as well as responsibility for the market.

Examples from the head office of Swiss & Global in Switzerland, where about three-quarters of our employees work, illustrate the design of the four areas.

Integrated workplace
Sustainable production and consumption
Responsibility for the market



Swiss & Global regards its employees as the heart of the company. Providing our clients the best possible products and services requires inspiring ideas from motivated employees.

  • Swiss & Global promotes teamwork and independent thinking
    At the beginning of the year, every employee determines his or her professional targets and targets for personal development with his or her team leader. Every employee and every team has a great deal of autonomy in implementing these jointly determined targets. In this way, the potential of the individual can unfold, which is ultimately beneficial for clients. This annual process is also the basis for further development decisions and programmes. Employees' personal development is promoted with internal and external training measures.
  • Swiss & Global cares for its employees, their families and the community in which the company is active
    Sometimes it is the small gestures that count. Swiss & Global grants its employees a certain number of days of leave for private events, such as weddings, births or relocating. If a family member dies, the company makes a donation to a charitable or not-for-profit organisation chosen by the family. In addition, charitable events are supported throughout the year, and not only with cash donations, but in particular by encouraging employees to actively participate (for instance in charity runs).

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Integrated workplace

Swiss & Global considers it its responsibility to create a productive and motivating working environment.

  • Support for families
    As a modern company, Swiss & Global supports the families of its employees. Expectant mothers are granted maternity leave, which is longer than prescribed by Swiss law. In addition, the company supports the care of employees' children up to the age of 12.
  • Support diversity and gender equality
    Swiss & Global ensures a working environment that promotes diversity – diversity in thinking, competencies and characters. This is based on the conviction that the best results can be achieved for clients by bringing together people with different skills and knowledge. Also, when looking for the best talents, gender equality is promoted.
  • Autonomy through flexible working hours
    At Swiss & Global, working hours within teams are handled flexibly. Achieving the defined targets for the benefit of clients is what counts. Different working hour models, from part-time employment to job sharing through to full-time employment, have been tried and tested and are used in practice today. There is also the option of early retirement upon reaching the age of 58/63.
  • Solid long-term prospects
    As an asset manager, Swiss & Global manages the pension fund for its employees. Employees are offered a pension plan which offers more than is legally prescribed. As such, Swiss & Global pays above-average employer contributions, while employees can choose from a range of savings options. Long-term employee savings plans are promoted to support employees as best as possible in retirement.
  • Attractive fringe benefits for employees of Swiss & Global
    In addition to competitive remuneration, employees of Swiss & Global benefit from a wide range of fringe benefits. As such, employees can purchase annual passes for public transport, the costs of which are subsidised by the company. In this way, Swiss & Global promotes the use of public transport for commuting to work as an alternative to driving. Employees are also granted reductions on various other products and services, including health services. Fresh fruit and coffee, tea and water are available daily for employees.

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Sustainable production and consumption

Swiss & Global takes responsibility for the environment. In its day-to-day business, the company ensures that production and consumption are sustainable.

  • Sustainable production
    The Swiss Equities Team of Swiss & Global has been sustainably managing the assets of institutional clients for more than ten years. In 2010 the Julius Baer Swiss Sustainable Companies Fund was established to make this long-standing experience accessible to the wider public.

  • Sustainable consumption
    It is important to Swiss & Global that its employees have a good connection to work. The number of parking spaces is deliberately limited as a rule. But all offices are easily accessible by public transport. As mentioned above, Swiss & Global also subsidises annual passes for public transport.

    Our headquarters are situated in the Prime Tower in Zurich – a LEED certified building. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and requires adherence to defined standards with regard to the use of energy, water and other materials and resources.

    Since the move to the Prime Tower in September 2011, Swiss & Global has committed itself to use sustainable energy sources: Around 90% of the used electricity are sourced by water and 10% by solar energy. Swiss & Global has therefore received the eco-power certificate by the local power utility provider.

    It is a matter of course for Swiss & Global that employees are encouraged to use resources sparingly. Employees are requested to switch off their screens and printers every evening and to shut down their PCs and laptops. The lights at the working desks as well as the coffee machines are automatically switched-off when not in use. Swiss & Global also offers video conference services, which saves time and avoids unnecessary travel.

    At Swiss & Global strict rules apply for separating waste. Paper and PET bottles are separated from domestic waste. Empty toner cartridges are returned to the manufacturers, which dispose of them properly.

    Suppliers are also an important component of the value-added chain. The official Swiss & Global paper is FSC certified. Also worthy of note is the fact that our most important printer supplier is a passionate advocate of green production methods, won the Swiss solar award in 2009 and was certified as a climate-neutral company in 2010.

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Responsibility for the market

Swiss & Global supports clients in more than 30 countries and bears clear responsibility as an important player in the asset management sector and market overall. Swiss & Global takes this responsibility very seriously. The strict supervisory-law requirements of the various national supervisory authorities are observed carefully. The company pursues clear corporate policy targets and applies special methods to achieve them. In the event of doubt, the stricter regulation is applied, regardless of whether this is Swiss law as applicable for the head office or the national regulations of the countries in which Swiss & Global carries out its business activities.

Swiss & Global is committed to observing the code of conduct of the Swiss Fund Association and Alfi in Luxembourg. The company is also committed to observing any codes of conduct of the countries in which onshore activities are carried out.

After all, protecting our clients is of our utmost concern.

  • Protection of investor interests
    Swiss & Global is committed to equal treatment of all investors, bodies for joint investments, as well as clients to whom investment management and advisory services are made available. As a fund management company, Swiss & Global acts independently and solely in the best interest of its investors and clients.
  • Confidentiality
    Swiss & Global is subject to the Federal Act on Collective Capital Investments (KAG). As such, the employees at all branches around the globe are subject to business and professional secrecy and the obligation to treat client data confidentially. The obligation to treat client data confidentially under the KAG is virtually identical in content to bank-client confidentiality, which is governed by the Swiss Banking Act, and meets the highest standards for the protection of confidential information.
  • Transparency
    To ensure the highest possible transparency and comparability when presenting performance figures, Swiss & Global observes the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). The observance of the GIPS is certified annually by an independent auditor. In addition, the company ISA-402 certified (which will soon be replaced by ISA-3402) and therefore fulfils a globally recognised standard in the area of reporting on auditing actions.
  • Due diligence in dealing with sales partners
    Swiss & Global currently has more than 1,000 distribution contracts with partners around the world. A fundamental and strict requirement for potential distribution partners before being admitted to the network is the successful completion of a due diligence verification. Amongst other things, the business strategy and the reputation of the potential partner are closely examined. All partnerships are monitored regularly. At the same time, presentations and training measures in respect of the product range are offered to ensure that the partners are able to inform and support their end clients adequately.
  • Investment management
    Swiss & Global is responsible for a considerable volume of client assets, and clients can rely on the highest possible level of integrity on the part of Swiss & Global. Clear measures have been defined to avoid potential conflicts of interest, while simultaneously creating the best requirements for first-rate results for clients. These measures include, amongst other things, strict directives in the areas of best execution, the use of information that is materially important but not publicly accessible, during equity assignment for IPOs and as regards interactions with brokers.
  • Conflicts of interest
    Swiss & Global endeavours to avoid potential conflicts of interest, which may arise in various business situations. Gifts and entertainment, for instance, may only be accepted or offered if they cannot result in an actual or perceived conflict of interest. Mandates or other activities outside Swiss & Global must be disclosed by employees.
  • Employees
    To prevent employees from making use of insider information, all employees of Swiss & Global must have the consent of their direct superior and of the compliance team before they may make investments on their own behalf. The compliance team also conducts regular spot checks of employees' personal transactions.

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